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Battle Ropes
Q: What are the benefits of using Battle Ropes?
Q: What is the rope made of and its advantage?
Q: What length Fitness Rope should I buy?
Q: How do I use Fitness / Exercise / Battle Ropes?
Q: What size diameter Fitness Rope should I buy?
Q: How do you anchor the battle rope?
Q: What kind of Fitness Rope do you recommend I buy to use in my backyard?
What Customers Are Saying
"Go big or go home"
"I have/had been looking for a heavy durable rope and I've found it in this one. I have only used it outdoors, strapping it to park picnic benches and kids play equipment. It has held up well, there hasn't been any fraying so far. If you want the best workout go with the 50 foot length and not the 30 foot length. Better to go big initially and work your way up, then to have to get another one down the line. I would also recommend getting another form of attachment though, the one that comes with it is adequate but I got a beefier one at Home Depot that has a heavier duty carabiner and strap, much better for when you really start getting the rope moving. It was under $10. Also while you there pick up a tupperware container to store it in."  Bruce*
"Cotton and silk with awesome grips"
"I am New to The Battle Rope Game so Idk much about battle ropes... but As far as I can tell this is the best in the market. The grips are DOPE and read "firebreather" so the aesthetics are great! & the rope is black as well as the thick rubber grips...
I tried to find rope to make my own battle rope it would have cost 3xs as much as I paid for this legit battle rope. Which I got from the warehouse (open box) for just 48 bucks! 50ft 1.5in for 48 bucks you can not beat it." Hakunamytatas*
"Excellent customer service!!! 
"Purchased for my grandson who is a hockey player. Just from looking at the package this appears to be a quality product. The anchor was missing and the supplier stepped up to the plate and sent a replacement part with overnight shipping. The attention to customer support and service has to be commended. As far as comfort and durability is concerned the only comment I can make at this time is that it looks like it will last a long time with heavy use. Would definitely recommend to others." -  Barbara A. Poole*

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Most of the popular equipment known to increase power and strength is made of iron – but if you want a more intense, fast busting workout, you should definitely ditch the weights and pick up a BATTLE ROPE, the best Total-Body workout you’ll ever try.

Battle Rope whips you into shape in under 20 minutes with an amazing Full-Body Workout experience. For years they have been the secret weapon of football players, mixed martial artists (MMA), and other high-level athletes around the world.

Now it’s your turn to discover what they can do for you!
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