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QUESTION:  How do you anchor the battle rope?
If you have a battle rope that you have been using consistently, chances are, it has some wear and tear at the anchor point.

Either because the anchor is thin, has edges, has exposed bolts, or the way you use the rope creates too much tension or movement at the anchor point.

To anchor your battle rope well, you need either the dead weight of a heavy sandbag or a thick pipe with no exposed bolts or edges.

I used to recommend putting a 4 inch thick galvanized steel pipe into the ground, but I realized very quickly that we all do not have the ability to do this.

This answers the question, how do I anchor my battle rope very simply, cheaply, and conveniently.

Here are a few examples:
  • A Heavy Enough Kettlebell or three
  • ​My Favorite is a Heavy Enough Sandbag
  • ​Pipe or Rig that is anchored to the ground by weight or bolts
  • ​Use a 3 foot to 6 foot canvas strap or nylon tubing from the hardware store (you can either tie it in a continuous loop, using a carabiner to attach it to the anchor or your can tie it to the rope and anchor separately)
Remember that we included a FREE Anchor Kit on your purchase.

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What Customers Are Saying
"Easy setup and great workout!!"
"I generally go with a product with higher number of reviews, but looking at positive reviews this battle rope has got impressed me. I am really satisfied with this product so much in terms of length, weight, quality of rope. Extra anchor set is real bonus rather than figuring out which one exactly suits to this product. I just anchored it with a small rod in my backyard and used it on grass!! I can really feel the difference in exercise rather than using boring treadmills and elliptical. This is great for beginners and intermediate. If you are a Pro for go for 2'' thickness and 50ft length. As of now I am loving this battle rope."  - Madhu*
"Awesome product! Arrived on time and well packaged"
"Awesome product! Arrived on time and well packaged. It was actually wrapped in plastic, in a box, inside another box. The rope is well made with quality materials. I've incorporated into my circuit training and use it about 4 times a week, on concrete. Even beating it on concrete the rope shows little signs of abrasion/wear. After multiple knee surgeries this has been a great alternative for low impact cardio and conditioning. I would suggest purchasing the 50' rope if you have the space. The longer the length the better the workout. Chris at Firebreather even reached out to me just to make sure I was happy with their product. Awesome customer service. I buy a lot of stuff off Amazon and this was the first time the owner of the company reached out after purchase just to make sure I was satisfied with their product. One more thing to mention.. This is being purchased from a small company out of Texas, not some supplier out of China. Buy it." - Ryan H.*
"great workout" 
"have been using this since I got it and I can tell the difference of my arms getting stronger and stronger. these ropes are heavy and works you out. its a great sweat and so fun that my kids use it as well..." - Bautista Family*

*Individual Results May Vary
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The best of Battle Rope Training is that it has it All. In just 20 minutes it trains your core, abs, biceps, shoulders & legs simultaneously for a Full-Body workout that will develop both Strength and Cardio at the same time.

Unlike the relatively static movement of lifting and lowering a barbell, using Battle Ropes is a dynamic, ever-changing form of movement for a unparalleled training experience. The ropes can be whipped, slammed, or dragged, instead of a simple static weight lifting and treadmills

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