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QUESTION:  What size of Battle Rope do you recommend I buy to use in my backyard?
Keep in mind that everyone’s needs are unique. But, we are frequently asked what we’d recommend for someone who wants to buy a rope for their individual use in their backyard, as opposed to something to be used in a gym. In this case, we still recommend the 1.5" 50ft since you can tie a knot on it to make it short until you decided to move to a bigger space. We still recommend that you store it outside of the rain and various elements if you want it to last longer. The black poly dacron is a good outdoor choice!

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"Hey this is what I need to get over the ..."
"Hey this is what I need to get over the hump and for days I don’t go to the gym"  - Atl2tx*
"Awesome quality product"
"40ft Firebreather battle ropes came early and was like a little kid on Christmas opening this baby up. It's awesome that it comes with an anchor, sleeve and the ebook that Chris emailed me! I would say if your looking for a solid product and great customer service you gotta go with this product." - Carolyn Contario*
"Great work out" 
"Great work out I lost 5 lbs I use it every day..." - Al*

*Individual Results May Vary
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Reach your Fitness Goals in 1 Solid Workout Session
The best of Battle Rope Training is that it has it All. In just 20 minutes it trains your core, abs, biceps, shoulders & legs simultaneously for a Full-Body workout that will develop both Strength and Cardio at the same time.

Unlike the relatively static movement of lifting and lowering a barbell, using Battle Ropes is a dynamic, ever-changing form of movement for a unparalleled training experience. The ropes can be whipped, slammed, or dragged, instead of a simple static weight lifting and treadmills

Perfect training equipment for Men and Women of all Fitness Level.
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