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QUESTION:  What length and diameter of the Battle Rope should I buy?
Our standard diameters are 1.5 inch and 2 inch. For most people, the 1.5” version is a good starting choice. This allows the average adult-sized hand size to get a secure grip and a full range of motion. Also, plenty heavy! This is an excellent option for gyms where individuals of various sizes and fitness levels will be using the same ropes or even homes where multiple persons will use the Battle Rope for workout.

More advanced fitness enthusiasts may prefer the heavier weight and greater challenge of the 2" version. It can be a good strategy to start out with the 1.5” diameter, and then move up to the 2” diameter after a few months. Then, alternating between the two with varying exercises is a great way to continue building strength and endurance.

With respects to the length, it's always best and we encourage you to consider where you plan to use the Battle Ropes. Indeed getting the 50ft will save you a lot but will your 1 car garage where you'll use the ropes accommodate it?

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"Good Product, Great customer service!!!"
"I had an issue with the first rope I received... it was unravelling after one use. I reported it to FireBreather HQ, and within the day they had shipped me a replacement; By far the best customer service I have ever had. The replacement rope works like a charm, no premature unravelling! Really happy with the product and the service!!!"  - Monty*
"Love it. Great work out"
"Love it. Great work out. Easy set up. Heavy as hell lol. My poor postman." - Amazon Customer*
"Worth it." 
"I purchased this for my husband. He was thrilled when they arrived and was pleased with the quality and weight of the ropes. Irreversible on time and even a day early.after I received them I got an e mail from the seller checking to make sure that I had received the package and asking if there were any problems. The seller also provided a link to an e book that had information on how to maximize the ropes. I forwarded that to my husband who was excited to use the tips and workouts. I would purchase this item again and purchase from this seller." - Amy Muy*

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Reach your Fitness Goals in 1 Solid Workout Session
The best of Battle Rope Training is that it has it All. In just 20 minutes it trains your core, abs, biceps, shoulders & legs simultaneously for a Full-Body workout that will develop both Strength and Cardio at the same time.

Unlike the relatively static movement of lifting and lowering a barbell, using Battle Ropes is a dynamic, ever-changing form of movement for a unparalleled training experience. The ropes can be whipped, slammed, or dragged, instead of a simple static weight lifting and treadmills

Perfect training equipment for Men and Women of all Fitness Level.
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